I was born in Shiraz, Iran, on March 7th, 1973. My father was an army personnel and my mother a housewife. My elder brother was eighteen months older than me.After numerous missions of my father and residing in the cities of Dezfoul, Ahvaz and Tehran we moved to the city of Ghom and lived there. My parents had another son and two daughters after I had been born and that made us a seven member family. I began my studies in Tolou-e Azadi elementary school in the city of Ghom in 1980. By 1992 I succeeded in receiving my diploma in “experimental sciences” from Saough high school. I began karate in Esteghlal club in Ghom under the supervision of my esteemed instructor, Mr. Seyed Ali Khalili in 1985. In 1987 I achieved my first medal in multilateral competitions in Ghom. By 1989 I was admitted as a member of the National Juniors Team. Two years later (1991) I was wearing the shirt of the National Seniors Team and succeeded in achieveing the title of the penultimate champion of the last Asia and Oceania Championships Competitions in New Zealand. I got the first world medal in the history of Iranian karate, in Netherlands’ World Games in 1993 when I was 20 years old . Sometime later I achieved the gold medal of the first Asia Championships competition in Taiwan. I moved to Tehran in 1992 when I enrolled on the undergraduate program offered by the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Sciences of the University of Tehran. After my father was retired my family moved back to Tehran and lived there until now. By 1994 I got the gold medal of Asia Championships (Shitoryu) in Malaysia. In first presence of karate in Asian Games in Japan I could achieve a silver medal. By 1995 I received the gold medal of Asia Championships Competitions in Philippines. Straight away I got my second world medal and the only medal of the history of Iranian karate in World Cups (Germany 2005). in 1996 I graduated from the university with a Bachelor’s degree. Then in 1997 I went two years force military national service, During that period I got the gold medal of World Stars Cup in Italy. By 1998 as a member of Student’s National Team, I got the World University Championship’s Medal in France. In 2000 I got married. Afterwards I was honored to hang the World Championships Competition’s Medal in Germany round my neck. After 2001, in spite of my fitness and achievement of numerous medals in karate I was deprived from karate competitions because of criticizing the federation shortcomings, Therefore I joined Jujitsu style. I attended world and international competitions as the Captain of Iran National Jujitsu Team. The result of which was the achievement of silver medal of Jujitsu Open Cup in Greece 2006.in 2004 I enrolled as postgraduate student in “Sport Physiology” at the University of Tehran an two years later I obtained my master of sciences degree.In 2005 I, as the official representative of Iran, attended the World Session of Olympic International Academy in Greece.I attended international karate arenas and achieve international medals as well as three world medals in Russia (2003 – Shitoryu) and my ninth world medal in Greece (2006 – Shitoryu). Considering the fact that I had registered more than fourty world, Asia and International medals in my record, besides enjoying the membership in the Karate National Team, and having trained the juniors and cadets national teams, I was invited by Taiwan to guide the university and high school teams of the city of Nanto. When I returned to Iran in 2006, I joined the trainer’s cadre of the Iranian Seniors National Karate Team. After having achieved splendid results in World Championships in Finland, I was invited by South Korea to coach its team in the International Competitions of Korea and competitions of Asian Games in Qatar in the same year. After Asian Games in 2006 and resigning from the coaching of the South Korea National Team, I joined the trainer’s cadre of the Iranian Senior Notational Karate team again and attended Asia championships in malaysia(2007). In March 2008, as a candidate for the position of the presidency of Iranian karate federation, I took part in the election campaign. I resigned from my activities in the Iranian Karate Federationas as an objection to the unfair election.RESUME