Name: Saeid Family: Ashtian Date of Birth: 07/3/1973 Martial State: Single Education: Master of Sciences in Sport Physiology from Tehran university Profession: Karate (WKF 5Dan Shitoryu Shitokai Style) Jujitsu(JJIF 6Dan) Self Defence Conditioning 2009 Head coach of Taiwan karate shitoryu ... [more...]
History of Jujitsu
Ju-jitsu (or Yawara) is an ancient Japanese Martial Art. Its origins date back to the sixteenth century when legend narrates that its founding father, a young Japanese man called Shirobei Akiyama who was studying medicine in China, witnessed a heavy blizzard. He was ... [more...]
History of Karate
Most Western students of Asian martial arts, if they have done any research on the subject at all, will surely have come across references to Bodhidharma. He is known as "Daruma" in Japan and as often as not, this Indian Buddhist monk is ... [more...]